How to Take Care of German Sheppard puppies

German Shepherd Puppies, formerly known as Alsatian are some working dogs. These German oriented dogs are very famous for their intelligence and obedience. Since 1899 these dogs have been working as a search-and-rescue specialist. In addition, German puppies are eligible for assisting the disables for their easy train-ability. German Sheppard Puppies are adamant and capable of detecting mines and other explosives.

German Puppies are working as the police for detecting suspects, patrolling troubled areas or tracking criminals. For that purpose, Sheppard puppies are being carefully trained by the concerned teams. Besides, some people are personally domesticating puppies for security or as a hobby. However, many people do not know how to take care of their puppies which are critical for a healthy and intelligent puppy. There is a guideline for those who are actually worried about the process and procedure of taking care of their puppies.Shepherd Puppies

Keep Your Puppy in Normal Temperature

The German Sheppard puppies are very susceptible to hot for their long hair. So, always try to keep your puppy at a reasonable temperature. If you think that, the area you are living in is too hot, you must supply adequate water to the dog. Do not bring your dog outside the shade when the weather is boiling.

Teach Your Dog Some Tricks

German Sheppard Puppies are very obedient. They like to play and learn different skills. So, try to spend some times with your puppy every day. Teach your dog how to act according to your commands. Regular training will make your dog stronger and happier. This will also build a bond between you and your dog.

Give Your Dog Enough Space

As the German Sheppard puppies are larger in size than the regular dogs, they need more space to live freely. Always keep your yard neat and clean for your dog. If you think your yard is not big enough for your dog, then bring your dog to any large field or park. German Sheppard needs more space to play and run.

Feed Your Dog Properly

You should be careful about feeding your dog. Feed your dog twice a day. Make sure that you are feeding your dog at the right time. Be careful about the quality of the food you are giving your dog. Give enough water to your dog. Do not feed your dog too much or too little. Check that the pots or bowls you are using to provide foods and water to your dog are clean.

Bathe Your Dog

Sometimes bathe your shepherd. But it will be unwise to bathe your dog too often because it may disrupt their skin. Take the help of a groomer to bathe your pet.

Do Some Check Up of Your Dog

Do regular check up of your dog to be confirmed that your dog is physically fit. Do some worm tests of your puppy.

Cut Nails

Cut the nails of your dog when they become too large. Be careful that you are not hurting your dog when you are cutting your dog’s nail.

Exercise Your Dog

It is not possible to keep your German Sheppard active and healthy without a proper exercise. Daily exercise will make your dog’s muscle healthy and increase energy in your dog. It will also decrease the risk of joint disease of your puppy. So, make sure that your dog is taking exercise regularly.

Finally, I will ask you to follow all the above suggestion to keep your dog active and healthy. But, above everything is important for your dog is love. German Sheppard Puppies are very loving.  Show your affection for your dog. A regular cuddle may express your love more clearly to your dog. Do not beat or scold unnecessarily.


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