The Most Interesting Arabian Horse Facts

Everybody knows about Arabian horse. It is one of the most well-known Horses in all over the world, and it is the oldest breeds. It is well known for their wide faces, long tail and graceful carriage.  Besides, they have some interesting facts that you probably never know. In this fact, today we I will tell about The Most Interesting facts about Arabian horse. Let’s go forward to know about Arabian horse facts below:arabian-horse

Color of Arabians Horse:

Generally, Arabians Horse is bay in color, and this color is the most common coat for this horse breed. Black, gray, chestnut, roan color is also available, and some horse may have palomino coloring. But palomino color is not recognized as the part of the breed standard.

Oldest and authentic Breed:

Arabians horse is the oldest and authentic breed in all over the world. From the various source, we may come to know that Arabians horse are at least 3,000 years old. Some source said that it is closer to 5000 years old. It is amazing that these breed has remained essentially unchanged throughout the centuries.

Skeleton of Arabians Horse:

The Arabians Horse today has skeletons that offer 18 pairs. It also has six vertebrae. This horse has 1 fewer vertebrae and two fewer ribs. But you will be happy to know that overall height is not affected when you compared to other horse. Their height stands at least 14.1 and weight is 850 to 1000 pounds.

Arabian horse Racing:Arabian Horse Racing

Arabians Horse racing is famous in the United States since 1959. But this event getting popularity during last 10 years. Arabian Cup Championship is one of the biggest horses racing events, and Arabian Racehorse is one of the affordable Horse riding lessons investments. If you interested in horse racing then you can look at Arabian Jockey Club that is the good source for information.

Arabian Horse have Several Genetic:

The Arabian horse has 7 specific genetic that commonly affect this breed of horse. It is more than average for modern horse breeds today. Arabians horse includes various types of genetic such as lavender foal, syndrome, juvenile epilepsy, Syndrome and more. But certain immune system disorder is common with this horse as are certain physical malformations.

Dance of Arabians Horse:

Most of the time dancing is a too hard term for a human. But it is amazing Arabian horse facts are that some horse can actually dance. They consider the techniques for dance and their show gaits. Arabians dance is the oldest tradition in all over the world.

Unknown Origin:

The origin of the Arabian horse is unknown, and it is not clear that where they came from originally. Nobody knows about their origin since it was the Bedouin tribes of Arabia. This breed horse was named the “Arabian” and many of the world famous people choose Arabians horse as their mount.

At the end of these articles, I want to inform horse lovers one more interesting thing that the Arabian horse is more intelligence and affectionate nature from other horse.

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