German Shepherd
German Shepherd

Human has an intense bonding with dogs for thousands of years. As time passes by we got to see a different character of dogs from different breeding. The German shepherd is a species whose origin are from Germany. The breed has another name, and also known as the Alsatian in Britain and Ireland. But officially this breed is recognized as German Shepherd Dog. They are mainly working dogs and are specially used for assembling sheep. They have sharp six-sense, strength and they are so active that they have serviceability for many types of work, including search-and-rescue, police and military roles and even in substituting a character or part.

History: The German shepherd was developed in Germany in the year of 1800s. It was mainly developed for managing a large flock of sheep. Their main work was to move along the circumference of the herd sheep. They also cared in such a way so that the sheep are not erratic. The German shepherd dogs trained to do these works silently, steadily and with stealthy movements, so that the sheep do not panic. The popularity of these dogs proliferated in German and spread worldwide through the 1900s.

Three types of German shepherd dogs were found until 1915: smooth-haired, wirehaired and longhaired. The wirehaired variety is not available; it is entirely disappeared. Longhaired German Shepherd dogs are occasionally born, and Smooth-haired one is common nowadays.

Description: The sizes of these dogs are from medium to large size. For males, the standard height of this species is 60-65 cm, and for a female, it is 55-60 cm. The average weight for a male dog is from 30-40 kilograms, and the female Shepherd dog is from 22-32 kg. They have around the forehead, a long sheath with strong jaws and a black nose. They have medium-sized shiny brown eyes, which gives a provocative, and imaginative look. They have large ears and long neck and a bushy tail.

German shepherd Personality: These dogs are best known as the able-bodied, lionhearted, and law-abiding guide dog. It is highly suitable for doing the service of Police, and search-and-rescue unit. It is valued for its tenacity, intelligence, loyalty, and focus. They are often desired as guard dogs and protectors. Though they are known as to be the first herding breeds, they can make impressive, affectionate family companions. They have an explicit and dauntless expression, self-confidence and hesitancy to develop heterogeneous friendships. They lean to be indifferent to strangers and can be aloof; however, once they become your friend, their devotion is life-long.

German shepherd health: The normally assessed life expectancy of German shepherd dogs is in between 10 to 13 years. For many years, these dogs suffer from various hereditary diseases due to indiscriminate breeding practices. They are having digestive problems, epilepsy, dwarfism, flea allergies and other variable diseases. In order to avoid these conditions, it is clamorous to deal with breeders of highest standards.

German Shepherd Breeds: The German shepherd is not for everyone, but it may epitomize some best idiosyncrasy of dog breeding. That means whether you are choosing an American breeder or a German breeder. Generally, American raisers regularly intend to make dog show champions, and they breed puppies more for that unmistakable German shepherd look compared to their talents.

It is found that American-bred German shepherds are more tranquil than their German counterparts. But the American-bred German shepherd has lost some of their talents for working.

On the other hand, German breeders breed German shepherds and are active, healthy for their working capacities and in addition to fit the breed’s traditional look. In Germany, before breeding a German shepherd, the bred has to go through some numerous tests to prove his physical measurement, mental benchmarks the breed is known for. These German shepherd dogs ten to be more energetic and has a driven personality.

Take care of German Shepherd: As German shepherds are basically bred to herd flocks all day, that means they have lots of energy, and they need to burn of this with daily exercise. If you leave German shepherd alone for an extended period without exercise, you and your dog are in trouble. Because tediousness and indolence lead to behavior problems like chewing, barking and digging. They desperately need to work out both his body and mind.

Barking is a part of the character of each dog, but excessive barking can be a problem if the German shepherd dog is bored. They should learn the ‘Quiet’ command in their obedience training.

These species like to crunch, and their efficacious jaws can quash most of the materials. If they gnaw on the wrong thing, they can brush their teeth, gobble something can make them sick or even strangle. So to save your dog and your personal property, it is better to give them soft and safe chew toys. You can also give him a bone that will entertain your dog when you are not playing with him.

kibble dog food
Dry Kibble Food

German shepherd food list: The quantity of food depends on the size, metabolism, age and activity level of your dog. Normally it is wise to give 3 to 4 cups of high-quality foods by dividing into two meals. It is not necessary that every dog will have the same amount of food; it depends on their choice of having food. A highly efficacious dog will have a more parcel of food than a normally active dog. The quality of dog food also contrives a difference – the better is the quality of food, the more it will nourish your dog.

You can also change the portion of food, depending on the health mode of your dog. If your dog gains too much weight, you can reduce the portion of food. If you think that your dog is too thin, then you can add a little more. You can understand your dog’s health condition just by a simple hand-test. Place your hands on him, thumbs along the spine and fingers going down the sides. You should be able to feel his ribs beneath a layer of muscle. If you can see the bones, that means your dog is too thin. If they are indistinguishable underneath the rolls of fat, then your dog needs to go on a diet. Everything has a certain limit, so you need to be aware that overfeeding German shepherd can lead them to have joint problems and their health condition will not be good enough. A particular portion of foods is perfect for them; this will keep them active and feed them regularly on time rather than leaving the food available all times.

As the German shepherd is carnivorous, you can feed them raw meats, dry Kibble. Dry Kibble is good for your dog’s teeth, as it makes them stronger. You can easily get this food, but having Kibble in greater quantity can be harmful to a German shepherd’s health. It contains an enormous amount of carbohydrate and only 10 percent of moisture, which is insufficient for a hydration need. It can also doer liver failures and digestion problems. You can also go for some canned foods; it contains 80 percent of water, which is enough to fulfill hydration requirements. It is packed with nutritional diets and is easy to digest. But canned foods are costly and not good for a German shepherd’s teeth, as it has a gelatinous and gauzy texture. Once the canned foods are open, it needs to finish as soon as possible, because bacteria occur within a very short time. If canned foods are left in the food bowl for more than 2 hours, then you should throw it off.

German shepherd puppies: German shepherd puppies are very adorable. You need to take exceptional care of puppies with feeding and exercising. However, German shepherd puppies grow briskly between the age of four and seven months. 22 to 24 percent protein and 12  to 15 percent fat, this high quality and low-calorie diet helps them to grow too fast.

It is not safe to let your German puppy jump, run or play on hard surfaces like pavement until he is at least two years old. Because before two years, the bone joints of your puppy is not that strong enough and are not entirely schemed. You can let your puppies play on grass and can have its inch-high jumps.

Popularity in German Shepherds: German shepherd is one of the most popular breeds. And it is no wonder that their devotion, intrepidity, tenacity, understanding qualification, and willingness to protect their people is like no other breed.

In 1991 the UK kennel accepted the registrations, and at that time 54 German shepherds were registered. This number has grown over 8,000 by 1926. The first German shepherd dog enrolled in the United States was Queen of Switzerland. Her offspring was suffering from flaws as the result of poor breeding. So during the late 1920s, this caused the breed to suffer an ebbing in popularity.

The popularity exaggerated again till 1993 when Sieger Pfeffer von Bern became the Grand Victor in American Kennel Club dog shows. Its physique is very well suited to grapple in shows and competitions, which lead them to exaggerate their popularity.

Military working dog
Military German Shepherd

Use as Working dog:  German shepherds are famous for the use of working dogs. They are especially well-known for how they help in police work, for sniffing out the criminals, cruising the troubled areas, ferreting out and holding of suspects. Thousands of German shepherds are used by the military and are consistently skilled for scout duty, to warn the soldiers of the existence of enemies. These species were also used in World War II as messenger dogs, rescue dogs, and personal guard dogs.

German shepherds are as yet utilized for grouping and tending sheep nibbling in meadows next to the patio nursery crop fields. They patrol the circumference of the whole area to keep the sheep from misdemeanor and deleterious the crops. They are trained to do these works silently, steadily and with stealthy movements, so that the sheep do not panic.

German shepherd Tips: If you want to have a German shepherd as your pet, then you need to be aware of some tips, which will make convenient for you to deal with your dog.

The first training tip is to make your German shepherd puppy socialize. You need to train your dog to be friendly and confident. Secondly, you need to teach your dog how to use his mouth properly. They love to chew on your shoes, toys, boxes, pillows, carpets, so you should teach him where and how to use his mouth. This will help you to get rid of the destruction of your belongings. Then on the third stage, you should teach him to potty in the right way. Always take your puppy out for a potty after some particular time, like after a meal, immediately after sleeping or after a play session. If your puppy did potty inside accidentally then do not incarcerate him for it, it would be wise to take him outside and let him finish his business.

There are some more tips to school your German shepherd, but these three are the basic training that you should give to your dog. If your dog is not getting out from the bad behavior, then you need to find out the rewards of it and need to remove. Because they are devoted to doing those things which are being rewarded.


German Shepherd Training Tips
German Shepherd Training

The German shepherds are different fros not tough to deal with them if you can train them well. They are very friendly and love to work for their owners till the last breath of their life. If you want a well-behaved German shepherd, then you devoir to be a good trainer. You devour to have the ability to understand your dog’s expectation, activity just by seeing his eyes.