German Shepherd Attack Training Tips

Train your loyal pet to become a German shepherd Attack dog

Dogs have served mankind as their vigilant protector for centuries. While most of the people keep dogs only as a friendly companion nowadays, dogs are still used by many to keep crooks and intruders off their households and properties. German Shepherds, if trained properly, could serve as faithful watchdogs. They are physically strong, courageous and loyal-making them the perfect candidate for police dogs. But German Shepherd attack statistics suggest they could be overly aggressive as well. Erroneous training methods might cause them to turn rogue and hurt innocent people. You need to teach your dog to differentiate between threatening and non-threatening situations otherwise you might very well be responsible for an unfortunate German Shepherd attack injury. We took the time to assemble a couple of useful tips which should help you train your German Shepherd the right way. Have a read and train your German Shepherd attack dog accordingly.

You need to develop a mental bond with your dog before you attempt to train him. As we’ve already said, it’s important that your dog needs to understand the difference between dangerous and non-dangerous scenarios; and to do so, he needs to be familiar with human interaction. Take him to parks or other public places with you and let him interact with other people and animals. Spend a lot of time with him and treat him like a member of your family.German Shepherd Attack Training

You must establish yourself as an authority figure to your dog. It’s an absolute necessity that you have complete control over your dog before you consider training him. Don’t get the wrong message and try to assert control forcefully, it might backfire. Instead of abusing him, reward the dog for his good deeds and encourage him to always obey your command. A resilient dog is always a liability than an asset. So, do your best to gain complete control over your dog.

Once you teach your dog the simple commands, you should proceed with the attack training. At first, wear a glove-like protective gear to avoid any injuries and make sure it covers your entire arm besides your hand. Tap the dog in his face with the protective gear you’re wearing and try to provoke him to bite it. Continue to do so until the dog attacks the gear in rage. As soon as this happens, you need to shout “attack”, so that your dog gets the message what “attack” actually means. Give him a treat or praise him verbally to show that you’re happy with him. Repeat this process a few times to make your dog completely acquainted with the word. You can also use dummies for future practices.

Instruct your dog to bark at unknown people before engaging them. You can do this by giving him the “speak” command when he sees a stranger and say “quiet” when you want him to stop. Don’t forget to praise or tip him afterwards if you want him to develop this into a habit.German Shepherd Attack

In order to make your dog more alert, ask someone to act as if they were trying to break into your house. Please, take necessary precautions beforehand to avoid any undesirable incidents. Looking at the person, your dog should bark at him and ward him off. Don’t let him chase the person and praise him for alerting you. This makes the dog more confident and enthusiastic.

A well trained German Shepherd attack dog never engages a person outside his territory without command. You should walk around the dog regularly around your property to give him a sense of your territorial boundaries. Don’t approve of barking at people outside your area or trying to chase random people.

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