Gentlest, Dependable and Affectionate Dog having True Victorian Bulldog Spirit

The Victorian Bulldog is very famous for their most considerate, loyal and loving behavior. The exact origin of this these Bulldogs is unknown. Some people claim, Victorian Bulldogs have emerged as an alternative of the show type Bulldog, and they are similar in appearance of English Bulldogs. Some say Victorian Bulldogs are exhibited for the first time in the USA for sale. These dogs are very much people oriented. They always try to draw the attention of their Lord. In some experiments, it becomes clear that Victorian Bulldogs are very human-friendly and they become happy when they successfully catch the attention of their Lord. For tremendous courage and guarding capabilities, people easily rely on these dogs. These types of dogs are very calm in nature. They live harmoniously with other household pets. Victorian Bulldogs accept kids very friendly and they most of the times play with the kids.

The Victorian Bulldog is larger in size than the normal dogs. Very often, people are intimidated to this type of dog for their size and appearance. The male Victorian Bulldogs are 17 to 19 inches, and females are 16 to 19 inches in height.  The weight of a male Victorian Bulldog is 32 to 34 kg, while the weight of a female is 25 to 30 kg. The head of this bulldog is round, and the ears make a ‘v’ shaped fold on the both sides of the head. The upper jaw of this dog is much more extended than the lower one. The neck of this dog is very broad and muscular. The legs of these dogs are larger than other Bulldogs. Victorian Bulldogs come in a variety of colors like white, brindle, red, fallow, fawn or white with spots of other colors.Victorian Bulldog

These types of dogs are not very much active. So, they need some exercise daily. A routine exercise keeps these dogs active and healthy. These dogs need some walks daily. Sometimes, they should be given an opportunity to play and run. The exercise keeps the dogs physically as well as mentally sound. Victorian Bulldogs like to eat meat, bones, and other animal parts. Some Bulldogs also like raw diets like raw meat and eggs. But, specialists discourage to provide the Bulldogs with raw diets. They suggest fruits, semi-cooked vegetables, yogurt, etc. In order to ensure a balanced daily meal.

Victorian Bulldogs usually feel comfortable to live in houses or apartments. They do not move freely for so long. These dogs are happy with the care and attention of its host. These dogs cannot live in extremely cold or hot weather. They always feel comfortable in a moderate climate. The house temperature is perfect for these types of dogs. In spite of all this nature, these dogs are not timid at all. They are able to protect the family.

The Victorian Bulldog is brilliant. They can easily cope up with new things. The dogs are capable of understanding and learning any new things very fast. Because of their interactive behavior, the training period becomes enjoyable with the Victorian Bulldog. These dogs are very much responsive to their masters. If the training process is well structured, the Bulldogs easily learn to respond.

Taking care of Victorian Bulldog is easy. You need to wash and clean these dogs once in every other week. You have to brush the coat of the dogs in every week. Provide the dog with a balanced amount of food and water. Feed your dog at least twice a day. Clean the cooking pot of the dog regularly.

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