Dog is known as to be the best domestic animal and man’s best friend. It is very easy to make a dog pet of yours. The reason behind this can be because of the bonding between human and dog. It has a very active sense, which includes vision, hearing, sense of smell, taste, and touch. They can also see and sense the earth’s magnetic field. That is why it is said that your pet dog will make you alert about trouble, sickness even before you think of it.Dog Articles

Dog definition: The best definition of dog is that it is an omnivorous animal permeate to the Canid family. It is a highly variable domiciliary vertebrate closely cognate to the gray wolf.

About Dog: Dog permeates to the family of wolves, jackals, foxes and is known as to be the most widely exuberant omnivore. They permeate to the family called Canidae. There are seven omnivore families, and Canidae is one of them. Researchers found that the progression of Canidae family was etched out 50 million years ago. The animals that excogitate and trident off to the animals that we know today was a small tree-climbing omnivore and used to live in abyssal woodland. They used to know as Tomarctus. Nearly one million years ago, Tomarctus became exanimate, and from that time the Canidae family has excogitated. Most scientists accede that the gray wolf and jackal is the dog’s primogenitor. Moreover, it is inclined to think that if dog escapes to the wild, he will eventually get back into the wolf behavior.

For more than ten thousand years, dogs are the first tamed animal in the human environment. Researchers suggest that dogs are more related to a human in many ways than any other species. Humans can influence the etiquette of dogs easily through food, petting, and voice.

Sexual Dog Behavior
Sexual Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior: Dog is known as to be the man’s best friend. They can disseminate with human very easily and differently, unlike other species. Dogs can understand the memorandum that human send them, and humans can also explicate the ideas that dogs are trying to convey. They do these communications through their glazing eyes, facial expression, using vocal, body movement and gustatory communication. Their sense system is so active compared to other animals that they are used to solve inspection cases. They are very friendly, trusted and can be schooled easily. Dogs are so fond of their owners that they will give their life for the sake of their owners.

The affiliation between dog and human is based on an unconditional trust. However, if this trust is lost, it will be burdensome to reinstate. So we are obliged to handle them with love and care. If we use a slap for a dog, it will use a built in return for it. A dog’s skin is very thick and also covered with thick fur, which protects them from the bite of another dog. But our skin is furless and very thin, so we are not protected. A dog bite can cause a serious injury. Therefore, we should not chase the dog and made them disturbed mentally.

Dog breed: It is going on for thousands of years that dogs have been bred selectively. Sometimes it is breeding from the same congenital lines, and sometimes by interbreeding from different lines. Dogs reach the sexual maturity and can reproduce during the first year of mating. A female dog can deliver another litter within eight months after the birth of previous ones.

In case of wild dogs, it is a different issue. But when you have a dog as your pet, and you want to breed your dog, then you need to have an appointment with your veterinarian at first. Your pet’s doctor can apprise you about the health of your dog. Whether your dog has the perfect health for breeding or not. Your dog may need to have a vaccine to avoid some diseases, and this will help your dog to reproduce healthy puppies. For breeding your dogs, it is essential for you to find out a perfect one for mating. You need to choose a mate that goes best with your dog’s temper and physical characteristics. After mating, you should visit the veterinarian for having a clear concept on how to take care of your dogs during pregnancy. The pregnancy of a dog can be last for, 58 to 68 days. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, you may not notice any kind of changes or differences in dogs behavior. As the delivery time approaches, your dog will feel restless, and her body temperature will start falling below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature drops, most labor start within twenty-four hours. Each dog has a unique pregnancy and labor. In some cases, the dog needs to do cesarean delivery. It happens in case of the English Bull dog, as their head is quite big. All the puppies cannot survive, and some are born with birth defects.

It is also found that interbreeding can depreciate the lifespan of your dog. Whereas intercross breed dogs have an elongated lifespan. Inbred dogs have a risk of carrying chromosomes for illnesses, which reduces the lifespan of your dog and also the puppies.

If you do not want to breed your dog, you can neuter your dogs. This will help your dogs to lead a longer life.

Dog Lifespan: Dogs lifespan depends on the size, breed and its general health. The average lifetime of a dog is from 11 to 12 years. Dogs which have a larger weight tend to live a short life compared to that of the dogs having light weight. That means a dog under 20 pounds can live up to 11 years, while the others weighting 90 pounds can live only for 7 to 8 years. The shortest lifetime of a dog in average is 7 to 8 years and the longest lifetime is in between 20 to 29 years. There is no assurance in the lifespan, and it can control by the owner of the dogs. If you take care of your dog properly, by giving it healthy food, making him doing regular exercises, then it can bring the changes in dogs longevity.

Dog diseases sign
Dog Diseases Sign

Dog diseases: It is very normal that your dog will go through various diseases. Vaccinations can be taken as the precaution of some diseases. There are some common health problems of dogs, and it is essential for you to be aware of this entire if you want your canine friend to be healthy. There is a list of some serious diseases that can attack your dog at any time. The possible serious disease can be:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney disease
  • Distemper
  • Flea and tick borne diseases
  • Rabies
  • Dental disease
  • Heartworm
  • Obesity
  • Parvovirus

Among all these diseases, obesity is one of the more severe problems. An overweight dog tends to have heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and immature death. There is no quick treatment for this disease; you need to put your head together with your veterinarian, who can suggest you about the nutritional diet and exercise.

Dog Food
Dog Food

Dog Food: To keep your dog healthy you need to feed him good quality food. Different kinds of dog foods are available in the market. You can consult with the veterinarian and give your dog food according to his suggestion. Your veterinarian can suggest you that what type of food is good for your dog according to its health condition.

It is not always necessary to give packed foods to your dog. You can also give them foods from your regular diet like groundnut butter, carrot, cheese, chicken, yogurt, pumpkin, eggs, green beans, sweet potatoes, salmon, oatmeal, apples. You can easily feed them with these items.

But it is essential for you to be aware of some facts about these foods. Like in case of groundnut butter it is better to select the unsalted one. You should also need to check that it does not consist of any sugar succedaneum like Xylitol; this can be deadly for your dog.

For chicken, you can feed them both raw and cooked. But the bones of the raw chicken are softer and chewy, and this is healthier for your dog.

If your dog is not capable of tolerating lactose, then cheese can be an excellent item to treat your dog. You can feed cottage cheese because it contains high protein, calcium and apparently easier to digest.

If your dog is overweight, then you can feed him carrots because it is high in fiber and vitamin A. Moreover, chewing raw carrots are beneficial for your dog’s teeth.

Dog facts: It has been more than thousands and thousands of years that dogs and humans are living together. The dog is known as to be the man’s best friend and here we are going to know some facts about the dog.

There is not much difference in between human and dogs. Every year around 6 million of dogs are determinate with cancer. Like a human, they are also suffering from the brain-wasting neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, which leads them to lose the control in their muscles and they cannot walk properly. In most cases, it is also seen that animals are used for clinical trials.

Dogs are very sensitive, and they can sense the thing before we can even think about it. If you have cancer or diabetes, your dog will be the first one to know about your disease. Researchers found that dogs can be scaled to sniff out cancers of the lungs, breast, skin, prostate, and bladder and they contain abnormal cells through which they can sense the extraordinarily faint scents. Dogs which are well-trained can detect the scent of sweet for high blood sugar, acidic for low and can alert their owners even before they can feel the symptoms.

We all know that dogs mouths are cleaner than ours. But in reality, it is not; dogs can carry pathogens which can harm us. It is also found that the humans could contract the parasitic roundworm just by stroking an infected dogs’ fur. The roundworm that grows in the dog’s intestine can grow in the back of the eye in humans, and it can cause astigmatism. It can also build up their residence in human livers and lungs. So it is very important to wash our hands after touching the dog or before having any food.

In ancient period it has been seen that dogs used to be more useful animals, and they also had a spiritual role. But nowadays, dogs are most likely seen as pets than religious figures. Most of the owners view their pets as their own child.

For many years dogs are known as to be the man’s best friend. It is one of the most loving pets. But, nowadays dogs are not safe in our society. Recently a news has been updated with social media that a drunken taxi driver raped a puppy in Delhi. From the autopsy report, it has been found out that the puppy died because of excessive internal bleeding and severe mental shock. So if this humanity goes on in our society, where the humans are not safe, not even the animals then what will happen in future. My question is, what is the fault of that speechless canine animal. We need to take care of our canine friends, or else that day is not far when it will become extinct.