Border Collie Puppies, A Herding Dog

Border collie, a unique type of dog, famous for working as a herding agent, was first developed in the Anglo-ScottishBorder collie puppies border region for the purpose of herding livestock. These types of dogs are brilliant as well as energetic and athletic. For an extraordinary intelligence, obedience and natural learning capacity, Border Collie Puppies are considered as the only trusted dog to herd other domestic animals like goat or sheep.

Border Collie puppies are some medium sized dog, coming with several colors and habits. White, black and red are the standard colors of these dogs. Some Border Collies come with some mixed colors like white and black or red and white or black. These types of dogs look very attractive for their long and straight coat. Some Border Collies look ugly for their rough and curled coat. The weight of an adult Border Collies is measured 30 to 45 pounds, and the height is about 1 feet. The life span of a Border Collie varies between 12 to 15 years.

Border Collies are very much active and energetic. Sometimes these dogs are trained for some sports and Border Colliecompetitions. People sometimes use Border Collies to assist them in the circus or other reality shows. But the primary duty of a border collie is to work as a herding dog. Border Collie puppies are responsible for taking care of the sheep or other animals. They drive the animal in the field in the morning and caring for the flock the whole day like protecting the flock from the attack of other animals. And at the end of the day Border Collie help the crowd find the way to home. The owner of the flock remains tension-free about their domestic livestock as Border Collie does almost all the works as a human. For making a herding dog, Border Collies are provided with some special training. Border collies can correctly reflex the instructions of their masters. If these dogs can properly understand their responsibilities, they never fail to do their job.

These dogs are now being trained for working as a human companion. The habit and nature of these puppies are almost same as the normal dogs. These types of dogs are very playful. Border Collie puppies are seen playing with other dogs or animals. They are fond of children and old people. Psychologists very often suggest older people spend some time with Border Collies to eliminate their isolation.

Border collies need to take some exercise regularly. They sometimes run up to 50 miles a day. They always like to keep them engaged and busy. These dogs always try to catch the attention of their hosts. If these dogs are left carelessly or not provided with their demand, they show some unusual behaviors. These dogs like eating meat, bones, eggs and rice and other foods. These dogs are trained to avoid eating raw meat. Border collies generally eat twice a day. These dogs need to provide with a proper amount of food. Too much food may cause some health problems to these dogs.

Border collies are usually healthy. They are less sensitive to diseases. But if they are not properly treated, they may get sick. Normally, Border Collies like to keep themselves neat and clean. So, these dogs need a regular bath. Usually, Border Collies demand some high and clean place to sleep. But most often, they need to sleep with other animals that they look after. However, the places where border collies sleep need to be clean. The food plate and water pot these dogs need to be cleaned daily. They need to see a doctor at least once a month.

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