Border Collie Breeders, the Best Human Companion

Border Collie breedersBorder Collie breeders are a brilliant dog. People use these dogs as the breeders of other animals, especially sheep. These dogs are very famous for their energy and courage. With an extraordinary intelligence and obedience, Border Collies achieved the quality to be the most trusted herding dogs across the world.

Nobody can give the exact information about the origin of the Border Collie Breeders. Researchers assume that Border Collie was first developed in the border country between Scotland and England. The name of these dogs came from its origin place. Some people claim Border Collie breeders were first seen in 1860 at a dog show in England. However, American Kennel Club recognized these breeders on October 1, 1995.

Border Collie breeders are some medium sized dog. The height of male breeders varies around 19 to 22 inches while female breeders are 18 to 21 inches tall. The weight of the male breeders may be 35 to 45 pounds, and the female breeders may be 30 to 40 pounds. The life span of a Border Collie varies between 12 to 15 years, depending on gender and size.

Border Collie breeders look very smart and attractive. They have a long and straight coat. Some Border Collies look gorgeous for their curled hair. Border Collies come in with various colors. Red, black, white, gray are the standard colors of the Border Collie breeders. Some breeders come with some mixed colors like black and white, red and white or white and gray. The coat the Border Collie is usually very smooth, although some breeders have a rough and ugly skin.

Black and White Border ColliesBorder Collie Breeders are very energetic and hard working. They always like to be busy with their duties. The first duty of a Border Collie is herding the flock of other animals like sheep or goat. Border Collies carefully do their job. Sometimes, these breeders are used to help a human in a circus show. These dogs are exhibited in various dog shows. Nowadays, Border Collies are used as the human companion. For that, Border Collie Breeders are given with adequate training.

Border Collies are very quiet and modest in nature. They like to play with children and other pets. But these dogs are very energetic and hardworking. These dogs always like to be busy with their duties. These breeders need to take some exercise regularly. Usually, a Border Collie runs up to 40 miles daily. These dogs look very happy with their masters. Border Collies can quickly capture what they are taught. Border Collie breeders may show some unusual behavior if they are not properly cared.

Border Collies like to eat dry food. They are normally provided with meat, bones, eggs, rice or other dry foods. They need a proper amount of food. Too much or too small amount of food may cause some serious health problem to a Border Collie. Usually, Border Collies eat twice a day.

Border Collies like to remain neat and clean. So, they need a clean and dry place to sleep. They need a regular bath. The coat of a Border Collie should be washed with soap or other lotion. The food container of a Border Collie should be neat and cleaned. They should be provided water in a clean water pot. Border Collie breeders are usually very healthy, and generally, they do not fall sick. But, they may have some sickness if they are kept in wet or dry places. Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Epilepsy and Collie Eye Anomaly are some regular disease of a Border Collie. But, proper treatment and care can cure these diseases very quickly.

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